Goat Comic bundle - 3 books

Goat Comic bundle - 3 books

Goat comics for fans of Borges and Le Guin. The little goat rejects work to learn forbidden secrets in the forest. An inveterate sinner. Suitable for 12+.

3x A5 (roughly 6×8″) full-colour comics on luxury 150gsm uncoated paper with book spine, decorative end papers and matte laminated 350gsm cover.

A Visit to the Oracle
The Feast of Laundry
The Mushroom King

The Raising of the Moon on a Stick
Books that if you had more than one life you would definitely read, but your days are numbered
An Immaculate Mystery and the Feast of Nothing
A Desolate Sinking Feeling

The Diet of Worms
There is None That is Not a Poison
Really quite a lot of inveterate sinning

Info pages about all the stupid jokes